BESA /beɪsʌ/ n. an English speaking sailing club based out of Busan, South Korea
Our Korean name: 부산국제요트클럽

We are the premier (and only) expat sailing club in Korea.


Photo: BESA Sailing Team at the Yisunshin Regatta in Tongyeong
We are ideally located at the Sooyoungman Marina which is the largest marina in Korea. Established in 2008 to serve the expat communtiy, BESA has quickly grown to be one of the premier sailing clubs in the country. We not only sail for fun, our sailors have participated and had success in major regattas all throughout the penninsula.

Learn how to sail in our sailing program. Start off with dinghies or go strait to the bigger boats. It's a lot of fun and anyone can do it. Find out more under lessons.

If you're taking the subway, head towards Jansan. You'll get off at the Dongbaek station, one stop before Haeundae station. Take exit #3. Continue to walk straight until you hit a T-intersection. There you'll make a left which will take you directly to the marina. Once you walk past the toll-gate, continue to walk straight until you hit water. From there turn right and you'll see a white building. Behind that building are many small sailboats. Walk past them to the opposite corner and you'll see a building with our name on it. Most likely there will be some white patio chairs out.

If you are in a taxi, tell the driver: 요트경기장


busan sailing map