English speaking sailing club based out of Busan, South Korea

We are ideally located at the Sooyoungman Marina which is the largest marina in Korea. Established in 2008 to serve the expat communtiy, BESA has quickly grown to be one of the premier sailing clubs in the country. We not only sail for fun, our sailors have participated and had success in major regattas all throughout the penninsula.

Learn how to sail in our sailing program. Start off with dinghies or go strait to the bigger boats. It’s a lot of fun and anyone can do it. Find out more under lessons.

Become a member of BESA and enjoy all the benefits of the club. Check out the membership page for more details.

To get updates or to meet members and other sailors, be sure to join our facebook group.

How to find us

If you’re taking the subway, head towards Jansan. You’ll get off at the Dongbaek station, one stop before Haeundae station. Take exit #3. Continue to walk straight until you hit a T-intersection. There you’ll make a left which will take you directly to the marina. Once you walk past the toll-gate, continue to walk straight until you hit water. From there turn right and you’ll see a white building. Behind that building are many small sailboats. Walk past them to the opposite corner and you’ll see a building with our name on it. Most likely there will be some white patio chairs out.


7 reason you might need rehab



1. Your family and friends have actually asked you to quit consuming alcohol or utilizing medicines

Individuals that understand you finest might be asking you to quit making use of– and also most likely with excellent factor. It’s less complicated to see the modifications in your life from the exterior. You must be as well if those close to you are worried.

2. Your medical professional informs you that you have actually health issue brought on by your medication and/or alcohol usage

Medications of all kinds will certainly be unsafe to the body over any type of prolonged time duration. If you infuse medications, the needles you make use of could boost your danger of having fatal illness like HIV or liver disease C.

Your body is informing you clear as well as loud that it’s not doing well if your medicine or alcohol usage is triggering substantial impacts on your health and wellness. Do not neglect those indicators and go to drug rehab Indiana.

3. You have actually hurt on your own or others while intoxicated

Particular medications could raise or create anxiety as well as various other psychological health problems. If you’ve had self-destructive ideas, damaged on your own while making use of or as an outcome of utilizing, or damaged a person else, you require to obtain aid currently.

4. When you quit taking your medication of selection, you experience withdrawal signs and symptoms

If you obtain frustrations, queasiness, pains, sleep problems, fear, impatience, or other sickness within a couple of hrs after your last hit or beverage, it’s just getting even worse. These withdrawal signs and symptoms are exactly how dependency reinforces its hold.

You could allow it obtain more powerful, or you could resist. A detoxification program could aid you make it through the withdrawal duration while supplying medicine to alleviate the most awful of it. A therapy program will certainly aid you remain sober lasting.

5. Your flexibility has actually been endangered as a result of selections you’ve made drunk

Perhaps you’ve been apprehended for driving drunk, being intoxicated in public, physical violence, or ownership of a dangerous drug. Authorities call due to being under the impact is usually sufficient to place you back behind bars if you are currently on probation or parole. Is staying clear of a 30-day therapy program worth doing prison time for a couple of years or even more?

6. You have actually shed your task or been tossed out of college as a result of medicine- or alcohol-related concerns

If you’re terrified of shedding your task, or if you currently have, take an action back and also review your medicine or alcohol usage. Obtaining assistance currently could be your ideal possibility of holding into a task you like or obtaining one you desire.

give up alcohol consumption rehabilitation

7. You have actually driven an auto while high or drunk

It may not appear like a huge bargain at the time. If you are incapable to handle your actions under the impact, it’s time to obtain aid.


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